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Create Your Food Drive – Tips and Tricks

  • Find a Food Bank in your area that you would like help. It may be helpful to speak with someone at that Food Bank.  Ask them what kind of donations they need and when you could set up a time to deliver the food you’ve collected. 

  • Create a flyer to pass out in your neighborhood.​

    • You may use the KidzKare template available here. Be sure to include details about the collection location, the dates your drive will occur, and what type of donations you are accepting. 

  • Decorate a box to use as a collection box. Use paint, paper or anything else to make it festive.

  • Work with an adult to create your account and public profile.
    Click Login/Signup at the top of this page, or if you are logged in, go to my account.

    • Create an account by providing an email and selecting a password

    • Click edit profile to add information about yourself and your food drive.

    • By default, your display name and ending of your community page URL are generated based on the email address you signed up with.  You are encouraged to change these to remove identifying details such as last name.

    • If your desired ending for your community URL won’t save it means this URL is already in use and you must pick another ending.

    • Click My Account to add/edit additional information about your food drive

  • Share details of your food drive with friends and family.

    • You can copy a link to your public profile and share it via email or social media

  • Deliver your Food! It may be helpful to talk to the food bank prior to delivering.  This will allow them to prepare for your delivery and arrange for any volunteers needed.


Thanks for submitting!

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